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Socialized Religion

Recently, I have been telling a lot of Christians and atheists alike that I have heard so many arguments both for and against religion, that it seems like I have heard them all. I have even told some people how excited I would get if I actually heard a new argument. Today I heard a new argument and I am fucking excited.

The argument I heard is actually from a fellow atheist (it seems creative thinking is on our side today). So I want to thank Dusty Smith from the Cult of Dusty for introducing a new argument against religion. It is what I am going to call the Socialized Religion Argument. Dusty points out that the tax-exempt status of religions in America actually amount to Socialized Religion. Many fundamentalist Christians are part of the Christian Right which has demonized socialism. So by supporting the tax-exempt status of religion, these teabaggers, libertarians, conservatives, social conservatives, and all around Republicans are supporting socialism.

Dusty also claims that the tax-exempt status of religion is a direct attack on God. If God is all powerful, then he should be able to provide enough money so that the Churches can pay taxes and still spread their message effectively. I think these are some great new arguments and pretty obvious ones at that. I really don’t know why I haven’t heard them before. Watch Dusty’s video about this subject:

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  • kirk

    James Madison made this point in his “Memorial and Remonstrance” argument against ANY state cognizance of religion. If the state merely recognizes organized religion it corrupts both the state and religion. Beyond cognizance, Madison argued, establishment was certain.

  • http://yashwata.com Roy Sablosky

    I have a totally new argument-against-religion for you. No one actually believes in any god. Religious belief is itself a myth. You can download my book from noonebelievesingod.com; or, read this brief summary of the argument and let me know what you think.