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The Catholic Church Practically Admits Guilt

PZ Myers had an interesting story on his blog this morning. Apparently the Connecticut legislature is pushing a bill designed to eliminate the statute of limitation on child sex abuse cases. Of course the Catholic Church is less than pleased. I wonder why?

Connecticut’s three Roman Catholic bishops issued a join statement opposed to this bill which has already passed the Connecticut House. In the letter, they urge their parishioners to fight against this bill using some interesting scare tactics.

According to the “pulpit announcement” the bill is targeting “Catholic parishes, dioceses, charities, and hospitals.” The fact is that the bill doesn’t target anyone except those who abuse children sexually. The Catholic Church has nothing to worry about, right?

The state legislature has already revised the bill out of the Catholic Churches semi-legitimate concern that people might file frivolous abuse claims. It is interesting to me to see just how concerned the Church is about this bill. Check out their website and let me know what you think.

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  • Paradox ROTT (Lib La Mar)

    There should NEVER be a statute of limitation regarding abuse

  • Rick Miller

    I think that the statute of limitations should be *changed* rather than eliminated. After all, there are good reasons for there being a statute of limitations in the first place.

    Instead of “seven years” or whatever, it should be “seven years after the youngest victim turns 18.”

    • PRG

      The article says that it’s 30 years–which is a pretty long time. Still, it does make the church look pretty pathetic. Most of it is really to cover their own asses financially.