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Donations To The Catholic Church Protects Pedophiles

One of the main reasons why the Catholic Church attempted to cover up the abuses that their priests where engaged in was because it would ultimately impact on the Church’s bottom line. The Catholic Church is after all a business.

I read an article the other day which talked about how a lot of accused priests were moved to remote regions of Canada and Alaska. The reasons for this was that there were less people there and the Church could still get parishioners from more densely populated areas to donate to Churches in more remote areas. In other words, the Church can still make money off of those less populated parishes.

I think it needs to be pointed out that money donated to local parishes don’t necessarily stay in the local community. The Vatican gets their cut from all the local parishes. In other words, when someone donates to their local Catholic Church, they are also giving money to the Vatican to shield pedophiles from prosecution. Money donated by good people wanting to help their community in good faith is actually supporting the systematic obstruction of justice and the perpetuation of more child rape and sexual assault.

Most Catholics in America and all over the world are completely disgusted with the activities of these priests and with the Vatican’s systematic cover-up and obstruction of justice. We need to let our Catholic friends know that by continuing to donate to the Church they are fiscally supporting this system of abuse and they are funding child rapists and child sexual molestation.

The Catholic Church is a business and it is time to boycott that business.

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  • tralf

    Catholics paint themselves as easy marks just by virtue of being Catholic. There is no explanation proffered by the Vatican too convoluted and full of lies for the true believers to accept as gospel. They are predisposed to instantly believe what the pope proclaims, even a pope up to his ears in scandal.


  • Knowledge

    So in other words, you believe that you are intellectually superior to theist, and therfore have to turn them from the error of their ways. You’re not standing up to a majority or any form of tyranny. You are being tyranical about your beliefs by thinking you have the duty to change mine. You know who else settled on Atheism and like mindedness? Joseph Stalin, who murdered millions. Atheistic regimes account for at least 148 million deaths at the hands of 52 acclaimed atheist dictators.