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Behind the Magic of Love

Well, Valentines Day is approaching and I am starting to get a lot of e-mails claiming that love is magical and some how proof of God, so I thought I would talk a little about love and attraction. Love and attraction are actually more like a science and so I thought that the best way to help demonstrate that is to talk about how to make ourselves more appealing to others romantically… it being Valentines Day and all. Both men and women are generally attracted to the same traits. Men are also generally more stimulated by physical looks than women are, but personality traits still play the major role. Women generally have more partners seeking their attention than men do, so in general women are able to sit back more and allow prospective partners to compete for their attention.

Most men and women will agree that the personality traits they find most attractive in a partner are Confidence, Humor, and a little Mystery. The real trick is learning how to balance these traits and to demonstrate them to prospective partners. Some people try to act overly confident, overly funny, and overly mysterious and end up just looking like an asshole, a clown, and/or a paranoid wacko. Sometimes these traits seem too forced or too fake. I don’t think people should pretend to be confident, funny, or mysterious but rather that they should learn how to be more confident, funny, and a little mysterious people. Also, when I say mysterious, I mean someone who can surprise their partner every now and then, not someone who hides their life away. That person would just be a paranoid wacko.

There is that old saying that says to just be yourself. But what does that really mean? For a long time I tried to figure that out and the best way I can explain it now is to say that you should act like the person you are interested in is already a good friend and think about how you would act with someone you have known for a long time.

If you are already in a relationship or already married like me, you may think that this advice is wasted on you, but it isn’t. We should always try to improve ourselves and to continue to make ourselves more attractive to our partner. Good relationships and good marriages last when the people involved continue to be attracted to each other and fall in love with each other every day.

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  • Logic

    I’ve seen women complain on journals about men who write depressing journal entries…people reply “well, do you want people to lie?” and they still say they want “the real deal”, so yeah, people say they want you to “be yourself”, but that’s only if you’re already awesome to begin with.

    We don’t like to think that something like love can be reduced to chemicals and biology…but it totally can! Everything “sacred” still has a scientific explanation, but that doesn’t have to make it meaningless.

    • Mr. X

      “I’ve seen women complain on journals about men who write depressing journal entries…people reply “well, do you want people to lie?” and they still say they want “the real deal”, so yeah, people say they want you to “be yourself”, but that’s only if you’re already awesome to begin with.”

      I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – if you’re going to do “online dating,” the first rule is this: imagine that YOU are, at once, the USED CAR, AND the USED CAR SALESMAN…

      The real point is that you have to know what your positive qualities are, and emphasize them; and keep your troubles to yourself. That demonstrates inner strength…unlike pissing and whining in a publicly-viewable blog forum.

  • Leo

    Where in all of this is your argument against the religious right? You gave it a fairly good start-up; women and men have choice and yet some religious rights strip choice from relationships. How do you complete when its an ordained wedding? Where is the humor in that when it’s all a mystery? What about those who woo women then demand they stay at home, have babies and clean/cook, or forced to hide their faces until Sunday worship? The religious right isn’t exactly favoring women-equality.

    I hear and see that word all over the place: LOVE. I hear Xians proclaiming “and God so loved his creation that he sacrificed his only begotten son…” When does love become murder? My real dad was notorious for saying “I love you so much that I’d kill the children to be with you.” His confidence was not funny and the mystery was misery: I’d love to watch him twist under flames…is that love or hatred?

    Love is a funny thing. I love my wife and I thought I couldn’t love anything more then her, then I had children. At times it’s hard to define who I love more or if I even want too. I love puppies…I love chocolate…I love cool breezes on hot summer days…I love, but what is it?

    Is it dopamine? The synapses integrating neurons where happy-thoughts exist? Are sexual-selective pressures still working on my sterilized body? Was my vasectomy an altruistic behavior or mutilation? I love her enough to respect that it’s easier for me to get fixed then her…does that mean I love her more then myself?

    As a teenager who almost literally had to beat the girls off with a stick, who had girls coming in the front door and girls sneaking out the back…love then was love of love. I loved the notion of love and how it made me feel which had relatively little to do with who I was with. I loved a dream…Xians love a dream…I imagine Stak’s loves his dream of living in space…all we need is love?

    And a few million missionaries! How much love do you think a bunch of Europeans had for those heathens they loved to convert? Did they love them or their right to convert in the name of love?

    I was going to say something about the Valentines Day holiday being free of religion where it seems every holiday has been demonized by the church, but then I remembered it’s Saint Valentine…a blessed holiday!

    So, happy Catholic holiday to all! Can’t wait ‘till Easter!

  • Scott

    I found out today that Valentine’s Day is a Pagan Holiday that was hijacked by the Catholic Church, much like Easter, Christmas, and Halloween.

    • Colleen

      welcome to every holiday that entails any traditions that are fun! Why is it that the Christians, hallmark, and Hershey’s have stolen all the fun holidays. All we are left with are the lame ones like Columbus day…

      But you know what, fuck it, holidays are what you make them, so i will start having a party every year celebrating the discovery of the West Indies and we will wear tri-pointy hats and rape and conquer indigenous peoples. I’d like to see them take that one! But you know what they can never take April 20th from me!

      and love is a chemical reaction, the intriguing question is how does the transition work where what personality traits i find attractive make my brain release fun chemicals. That is why marriage is about being best friends cause your brain swimming in love drugs doesn’t last forever. I believe i read a Micheal Shermer book where he sited the evolutionary theory that those love chemicals only last long enough to raise the child together until it is old enough to walk, communicate and display critical thinking skills so the mother can leave the nest. Science is so romantic…

      • Mr. X

        “…and we will wear tri-pointy hats and rape and conquer indigenous peoples.”

        OR you could have the guys wear tri-pointy hats, and have the women dress as Indians!

        …Damn…I just amazed myself with my own brilliance. I’ll have to pass this one along to my single friends…

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