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Putting Science into The Church

I am getting really tired of Fundamentalist Christianity constantly trying to put Creationism into science classes. I am getting tired of Fundamentalist Christianity constantly trying to put their prayers into public schools. And I am getting tired of Christianity inserting “faith” into our secular government. So why don’t we start playing their game for a change?

I think it is time we start putting science text books into the Church pews! I think we need to start invading their territory for a change. Maybe we should picket Churches and complain that they took reason out of our communities.

Not long ago, Fundamentalist Christians tried to put a disclaimer on Science text books warning students about evolution. Maybe we should start putting disclaimers on the Bible. One Scientist even created the disclaimer that he thought would be most appropriate. Here is that disclaimer:


Feel free to save this image to your computer, print it out, and paste/tape  it on copies of the Bible that you find lying around… somewhere… I don’t know where…

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