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The Main Source of Anti-Semitism

Earlier this week, James von Brunn went into the National Holocaust Museum and shot and killed Security Officer Steven T. Johns. This was news all over the country and if you want to find out more details on this story, just step outside cave you must be living in. The point of today’s blog isn’t to tell people about the story, but to analysis the reason for it.

James von Brunn is a well known white supremacist and while Officer Steven Johns was black, that was not the reason for the shooting. Von Brunn hated Jews and last I looked in the mirror, Jews are white… at least this Jew is (pale would be a more accurate term). So the real question is why would Von Brunn hate Jews?

I want to separate two things here because the term “Jew” describes two different things which in most cases are lumped together. There is the religion and there is the ethnicity. While I am ethnically Jewish, I am no longer religiously Jewish. In that respect, I am an ex-Jew. I have no problem attacking the Jewish religion and have done so many times. I consider the Jewish religion on par with the Nazi ideology in that both believe that they are the chosen people of God and I find that type of righteous superiority to be immoral.

Religious beliefs can change but ethnicity cannot. The fact is that the Nazis did not care whether someone was ethnically Jewish or religiously Jewish; they wanted to throw all Jews into the ovens. James von Brunn didn’t care either. He had a hate for all Jews based mainly on his view of God and of his Christianity. The fact is that Von Brunn’s hate for Jews stemmed from the same source as the Nazi hate for Jews and Mel Gibson’s hate for Jews.

In the Bible, the Jews killed Jesus. While mainstream Christians obviously don’t hold that view, many fundamentalist Christians (although not all) disagree. Von Brunn was one of those who disagreed. He believed that the Jews killed God in the Flesh. He strongly believed based on his interpretation of the Bible that God’s chosen people have fallen from grace in the eyes of God and are now doing the Devil’s work. While his website (HolyWesternEmpire.org) has now been taken down, the site did contain conspiracy theories about how the Jews now control the government and the media. Clearly I would not classify this guy as a sane individual despite the fact that many sane people hold similar grand conspiracy theories.

The point here is that anti-Semitism is a direct result of an understandable interpretation of the Bible. I say “understandable” because it isn’t an interpretation that is unrecognizable from reading the text. In other words, someone doesn’t have to perform a series of mental gymnastics or change word meanings in order to get that interpretation. That interpretation wouldn’t be an irrational stretch from a reading of the text. Without the Bible, these people still might hate Jews, but they would have far less grounding for such hate. In fact, without the Bible, such hate for Jews would be baseless.

While no one has ever made such comments to me, I know Jews who have told me that Christians have asked them about their horns or their tails. Even in this day and age, a surprising number of Christians still think that Jews have horns and tails. Why would someone think that a Jewish person would have horns and a tail? Clearly the reasoning for this lies in the view that Jews are agents of the Devil and are Christ killers.

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  • Mr.O’Muck

    Actually the reason for the horn issue (not tail however) is a mistranslation of some Hebrew words describing Moses’ encounter with God upon receiving the Torah. The encounter supposedly left Moses with an unnatural radiance emanating from his forehead. These rays of light somehow ended up as horns. This was standard Christian iconography in the depiction of Moses up until the sixteenth century, most famously in Michelangelo’s titanic sculpture of Moses in Rome, but also in paintings by Signiorelli, Michelangelo’s predecessor. By the Sixteenth century the translation error seems to have been corrected because the great Venetian painter Tintoretto depicts Moses several times all with light, not horns, emanating from his forehead. perhaps it was due to the larger Jewish presence in Venice that the error was caught. This, according to my art history researchis how the horned Jew image entered European culture.

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      I stand corrected, but the over all point still holds. The Bible is the issue.

    • ProgRockGirl

      I think horns would look pretty badass.

    • existential blues

      To the extent that the ancients were nearly as vile in their treatment of Jews as the European Christians were, the hateful treatment by the minority was motivated by their religious beliefs, just as it was with the Christians.

      Christianity solved nothing. In fact, the Greeks and Romans had nothing like “Christ killers” to hang their hatred on.

  • Tomkinson

    If Christianity is indeed “the main source of anti-Semitism” why did pogroms and other violent forms of antisemitism exist in Greece and Rome long before Christ was born?

    Oh and why are Muslim countries far more anti-Semitic than Christian ones if “The Bible is the issue”? (don’t try to blame Israel as Muslim antipathy predates it)

    I find it ironic that a crypto-Marxist would have a problem with the concept of a “chosen people.”

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      First, “Crypto-Marxist?” I think you are again confusing me with someone else. I am a pretty solid Capitalist. And have lectured on the merits of Capitalism over Communism.

      Second, Romans didn’t have a problem with Jews. In fact, Rome admired the Jews and allowed them to slide on many of the rules that they forced on others. I haven’t really read anything on the opinions of the ancient Greeks with relation to the Jews so I can’t speak to that.

      Third, tribal disputes are the main reason Muslims have issue with everyone!!!! Such a ridiculous argument which doesn’t address any of the points made.

      • ProgRockGirl

        Muslims also have issue with everyone b/c Islam teaches (among other things) that non-Muslims aren’t really people (“persecution of Muslims is worse than death of non-Muslims”). Some people have thought that the religions and worldviews are influenced by living in a desert climate.

        Apparently another reason Muslims hate Jews is b/c when Islam was invented, its inventors wanted/expected that Jews would convert, and they resented them for not converting.

      • 1225truth

        Certain surviving treatises indicate the Romans were ill-at-ease with Jewish monotheism. They were offended by the Jewish hyper-sensitivity to “idolatry”. They were very sever in their response to Jewish rebellions both in the Palestinian provinces and among Diaspora.

        However, they were admiring of the presumed antiquity of Judaism and its grounding in old scripture. Above all others, they were exwmpt from having to observe a periodic sacrifice to the state religion of the Empire.

      • Tomkinson

        “I am a pretty solid Capitalist.”

        This cannot be true if your support for UFO freak Dennis Kucinich is genuine.

        “Romans didn’t have a problem with Jews”

        This is just WRONG WRONG WRONG. Most Roman Jews were slaves or paupers, Cicero said they were born to be slaves, and as such posed little threat to the Roman power structure. Thus this poor benighted and disorganized group was semi-tolerated. Jewish freedmen still had to pay special taxes and there were other sometimes hard tribulations Jews were put through. This did not stop Roman writers and historians from denigrating them. Here is a partial list of prominent Romans from different periods that display nothing but contempt and hatred for Jews.

        Cassius Dio

        I could go on and give you specific textual examples if you can’t find them yourself. Lest you think these are just empty words there were occasional pogroms against Jews in the Roman empire just as there were in Christian Europe. Since you claim to know something of philosophy you may know of the Neo-Platonic philosopher Philo, an Alexandrian Jew who describes pogroms in 38 AD. More Alexandrian pogroms followed in 58 and 68. Caligula ordered executions and the destruction of villages when Jews refused to worship him, Tiberius threatened Jews with expulsion from Rome if they refused to assimilate and Claudius ultimately did so. Then there’s the “missing Jews” problem.

        Nobody with an even cursory familiarity with Roman history could ever claim what you did unless by “had no problem with” you mean openly despise, discriminate against, enslave, and occasionally attack. But of course that sounds exactly like Christian Europe.

        “I haven’t really read anything on the opinions of the ancient Greeks with relation to the Jews so I can’t speak to that”

        You haven’t read anything on the opinions of Romans either but that didn’t stop you. For the Greeks I suggest you start with Molon, Apion, Lysimachus, or ANY OTHER GREEK WRITER THAT ANY CONTACT WITH JEWS. Then consider exactly what it is that Hanukkah is celebrating.

        This doesn’t speak to the point?! Antisemitism, even violent and widespread antisemitism, started long before Christianity and exists most prominently today in non-Christian countries. To blame Christianity as the primary source of antisemitism is historically wrong, stupid, and bigoted. I expect the next post to blame Christianity for the swine flu, after all Jews and Muslims don’t eat pork so your on firmer ground with that one.

        • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

          You have once again said a mouthful Tomkinson and once again stuck your foot in it. I think 1225truth’s analysis is accurate and will bow to his expertise on the subject matter. This however doesn’t change the point of the blog which was that the MAIN source of antisemitism (at least today) stems from Christianity and the view that the Jews were “Christ killers.”

          Now I want to address your off topic and completely absurd and illogical statement:

          “This cannot be true if your support for UFO freak Dennis Kucinich is genuine.”

          Do you know what the initials UFO even stand for? Congressman Kucinich has clarified his statement over and over again. He has admitted that he saw an Object in the Sky (flying) that he could not identify. He never drew any conclusions on what that object might be. Second, Barry Goldwater claimed that he believed that the US Government was hiding an Alien Space Ship at Wright Patterson Air-Force Base. Goldwater is considered by many to be the very model of conservatism. Does that mean that conservatism is insane?

          Second Kucinich is a capitalist. To date there is only one Socialist in Congress and NO Communists (unless you have secret names hidden in your secret briefcase like former Senator Joe McCarthy).

          • Tomkinson

            “You have once again said a mouthful Tomkinson and once again stuck your foot in it.”

            How so?

            “I think 1225truth’s analysis is accurate and will bow to his expertise on the subject matter.”

            Great, so you value arguments from authority then. The difference between me & 1225 is, I’ll give you evidence. You should follow the Pope’s authority. What 1225 said is mostly false. There were some in Rome who viewed Jews as more or less a quaint & harmless slave population, Julius Caesar for example, but there is nothing that happened in Christian Europe that did not have ample, usually worse, precedent in ancient Rome (or Greece or Persia). If 1225 disagrees, he/she can cite an example. I’m, not holding my breath.

            The main source of modern American antisemitism is not the “Christ-Killer” idea, its the Jewish lack of assimilation combined with their high-level of achievement and success. It breeds suspicion, jealousy, and resentment among the dregs. My stepfather and his scumbag friends were all raging antisemites, none of them were religious. They hated the fact that they were construction workers while Jews where “all doctors and lawyers.”

            “Do you know what the initials UFO even stand for?”

            Yes it means “unidentified flying object”. But Kucinich NEVER denied that it was extraterrestrial or Shirley McClain’s account of the incident. I once saw something in the sky & I wasn’t sure what it was. When someone asks me if I’ve seen a UFO I say “yes, but I’m 99.9% sure it has a terrestrial explanation” Kucinich’s wife has argued something to the effect that the government would use the “truth” about UFOs as an excuse to weaponize space and thats why Dennis is reticent on the issue.

            Who cares if Goldwater or Reagan or Carter saw UFOs? They were all morons. And yes conservatism is insane, well stupid, but not because Goldwater believed in spacemen.

            “Second Kucinich is a capitalist.”

            First I said “crypto-Marxist” not communist. You can call yourself whatever you want but if you have Marxist ideas about the role of government and Marxist ideas about foreign policy and Marxist ideas about the nobility of the working class and Marxist ideas about redistributive justice and Marxist ideas about religion but call yourself a “capitalist”, you’re really a crypto-Marxist.

            Kucinich supports expanding federal school lunch programs, nuff said.

            • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

              You are a Marxist too!!! You do use roads to get from place to place right? “nuff said!”
              When you define Marxism as loosely as you do, than everyone is a Marxist. But that isn’t what we are talking about here.

              • Tomkinson

                There is a reasonable role Federal government, like facilitating transportation between its respective states with the interstate system but Kucinich goes WAY WAY beyond that.

                He’s for:

                Government guaranteeing the “right” to a job
                Price controls
                High minimum wage
                Government provided housing
                “Fair” trade
                Government run health care
                Government run feeding programs
                Banning immigrants with computer skills
                Government run jobs programs
                Government control of radio programming

                And many many other absurd and counterproductive intrusions of the Federal government into business.

                Not only did this nutcase try to bring articles of impeachment against Bush and Cheney (He must not know what a high crime or misdemeanor is) but in 2001 he introduced a bill that declared that chemtrails are an “exotic weapon.” The guy is kook and you supported him.

                • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

                  Again Tompkinson, you have distorted the facts, leveled insults, and have no credibility. No one takes you seriously. You are just a whiner and a joke. Yes I supported Kucinich and I would do it again. I also supported impeachment and I still support indictment. You support public roads, you Communist!!! I bet you support a public military too, lol. Why don’t you troll someone else for awhile.

                  • Tomkinson

                    “you have distorted the facts”

                    Name one fact I distorted-you liar

                    Labeling me a communist because I agree there is a Federal role to play in facilitating transportation between the states and the raising of an army would be a perfect example of distortion. You seem to have confused “Marxist” with “Anarchist”, I’m not surprised. Calling someone who wants the State to feed you, house you, guarantee you a job all while pandering to class warfare a crypto-Marxist is not.

                    There were serious debates in 2004 and 2008 among the many Marxist parties as to whether to support Dennis, some found the prospect agreeable others did not, usually because of his “anti-choice” views and refusal to abandon the corporatist Democratic party. Regardless of the verdict he was usually given high praise because his plat-form is nearly identical to a Marxist one.

                    “I also supported impeachment and I still support indictment”

                    Then you are an extremist kook with “no credibility.” On what grounds would you have impeached Bush? Would you have been wearing a multicolored wig and big floppy shoes while you did so?

                    “Why don’t you troll someone else for awhile.”

                    You don’t seem to know what a troll is. You might learn what trolling is by reading the post I’m replying to.

                    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

                      You distorted Kucinich’s record on issues and his statement on UFOs. You labeled him a “kook” and a “crazy” because you don’t like his political affiliation. You are a troll because your opinions have no credibility and no one takes you seriously. You are simply wasting our time and yours insulting people and then whining when you get insulted back. Yes I supported impeachment on the grounds of perjury and yes I support indictment on those same grounds. Kucinich drew up 12 charges but that is the only one needed.

                    • Tomkinson

                      I suppose the fact that I use evidence, logic, the law, and sound reasoning means opinions have no credibility. You favor unsupportable assertions.

                      Shirley MacLaine’s account was:

                      [Dennis] had a close sighting over my home in Graham, Washington, when I lived there…Dennis found his encounter extremely moving. The smell of roses drew him out to my balcony where, when he looked up, he saw a gigantic triangular craft, silent, and observing him…It hovered, soundless, for 10 minutes or so, and sped away with a speed he couldn’t comprehend… He said he felt a connection in his heart and heard directions in his mind.

                      This IS the only “serious” account. Here is Kucinich’s response when asked if he’s seen a UFO:

                      I did. And the rest of the account — I didn’t — it was an unidentified flying object, OK? It’s, like, it’s unidentified. I saw something. Now, to answer your question, I’m moving my — it’s — and I’m also going to move my campaign office to Roswell, New Mexico, and other one in Exeter, New Hampshire, OK?

                      And also, you have to keep in mind that more — that Jimmy Carter saw a UFO and also that more people in this country have seen UFOs than I think approve of George Bush’s presidency.

                      And so, wait, we’re just getting started here.

                      Russert: No, no. Let me — well, 14 percent of Americans say they have seen UFOs. I’m going to move…

                      Kucinich: What was the percentage?

                      Russert: Fourteen percent.

                      Kucinich: What as that percentage?

                      Russert: Fourteen.

                      Kucinich: Thank you.

                      So he was given a chance to say, “yea, I once saw something but like all other UFOs sightings it almost certainly has a terrestrial explanation” Instead he tries to cover this with a joke and its awkward to watch.

                      But it doesn’t stop there. His wife on multiple occasions has addressed the issue and NEVER suggests the UFO was terrestrial but instead tries to claim the government would use the TRUTH to weaponize space.

                      Again Kucinich wrote a bill that called chemtrails (the water vapor contrails left by jets in the sky) an “exotic weapon”. No serious person uses the term “Chemtrails”, it was invented by black helicopter/UFO crazies. Anti-chemtrail nuts believe they are some chemical agent used to poison or delude the masses. Kucinich legitimated them.

                      In his speeches he uses lots of new-age piffle like “Higher evolution of human awareness” or “Transform consciousness” that sounds like something his good friend Deepak Chopra (or Shirley MacLaine) would say, the guy is a KOOK. A Federal Department of Peace, COME ON!

                      “yes I supported impeachment on the grounds of perjury”

                      And when, exactly, was Bush convicted perjury?! Ha hah hahah ha ha.

    • existential blues

      To the extent that the ancients were nearly as vile in their treatment of Jews as the European Christians were, the hateful treatment by the minority was motivated by their religious beliefs, just as it was with the Christians.

      Christianity solved nothing. In fact, the Greeks and Romans had nothing like “Christ killers” to hang their hatred on.

  • ProgRockGirl

    There is nothing wrong with criticizing the Jewish religion or the Old Testament. People do have trouble differentiating them, though, and like talking about gay rights or racial issues, closeted bigots sometimes show their true colors. Being non-religiously Jewish, people have told me I shouldn’t call myself Jewish. Well then I don’t know what I can call half of my family, but I’m Jewish enough to have been killed for it in the Holocaust. “Jew” is one of the few that is both an ethnicity and a religion.

    Most Jews I know who are involved in the religion seem to be doing it just because. I think maybe b/c people were killed over it. (Guilt? Spite?) My grandma really wanted me to be Jewish but speculation was that she didn’t really believe in God, and also she didn’t keep kosher or any of that. I don’t feel angry toward the religion, but I just don’t believe in it. I read about people who practiced Judiasm in secret during the Inquisition/Nazi Germany. I probably would have given it up. If doing something would get me killed, I’d have to think about whether it was really worth dying over (although in both cases, and in almost every case of anti-Semitism, Jews were killed/harassed/disliked whether they assimilated or kept to themselves.)

    I think Christians actually follow the Old Testament more than Jews. Some Jews keep kosher or observe the Sabbath, but it seems like Christians have been the ones to keep that vengeful, wrathful mindset whereas Jews follow the technicalities. The OT is an embarrassing record to overcome, and for some it would be a source of anti-Semitism, but for Christians I don’t know, they believe in the same book. I think a much bigger and more influential source of anti-Semitism was Martin Luther’s “On The Jews And Their Lies”.

  • Kat

    I’m not sure why this guy did what he did, on that particular day, in that particular place ,to that particular guard. He’s a nut job.
    But white supremacist hate EVERYONE, that aren’t white and Protestant. I don’t think in this case you can use the term Christian too loosely. Members of the KKK and Aryan Nation hate Jews, Catholics,Lutherns,Etc.And hate anyone that is not Northern European White. They’re not that crazy about woman’s rights either.

  • http://thugradio.net D

    I’ve always thought Christianity’s hatred of Jews and Judaism to be pretty twisted. Other than the obvious fact that Christianity is the most barbaric religion in history, the whole first half of the book by which their religion’s guidelines are set is the Torah. It’s no secret Christianity is heavily based on Judaism. Even the whole so-called New Testament is based on a mythological Jew. According to their myth god sent his son to be a Jew. The Romans fuckin’ killed him and the Catholic mecca is Rome. Even if Jews were given the vote, the Romans still put it to a vote and commenced with the final torture and inhumane death sentence.

    I think that’s a pretty weak justification. Especially given the fact that Jesus’ death is widely celebrated within Christianity. Without the cruciFiction and subsequent rising from the grave there is no claim of divinity and therefore no Christianity. Of course, if logic were applied religion would have died.

    I’m also a little fuzzy on “ethnically Jewish.” I’ve spoken to a non-practicing Jew, who now defines himself as Agnostic, who says Jewish is not an ethnicity. My friend (a different friend. neither of us are Jewish ethnically or religiously) and I have had many discussions on this topic without ever reaching a decisive answer, or at least a compromise. Are anti-Semites anti-religious Jews or just Jews in general?

  • 1225truth

    What Christians and others in the west do not appreciate is that the New Testament is not history. It is a pastiche of literary hagiography that is inspired by Hebrew scripture. All the gospel accounts are embellishments of others or parallels to earlier scripture, as if events are eschatological fulfillment. Hebrew scripture (OT) is in large part the account of the Israelites failure to abide by the law of YHWH.

    Christ’s accusations and demise at the insistence of Jews is a calculated parallel to the murder of the Israelite prophets in the much older scriptures. Again, this is a literary event that prompts profound subsequent consequences in history.

  • Scott

    Why is it that Jews are the evil bad guys in the conspiracy theories? Where conspiracy theories created as a way to spread Jewish hatred? Conspiracy theories take the blame for 9/11 away from the Muslims and places it on the Jews.

    The Amazing Atheist on youtube said that Jews got into the banking industry originally because they were discriminated against jobwise for not being Christian so banking was the niche that worked best for them. Then later on people got bitter about being in so much debt to the Jews.

    Hitler was a good artist and was allegedly rejected from a Jewish art school which is probably play a part as to why he decided to the holocaust.

    Conspiracy theories are conspiracies themselves to create hatred towards the Jews. Which means that these theories were created by hate groups since they themselves can’t do violence without serious repercussions but can convince other idiots to do so like the one at the Holocaust museum.

  • P. Allen

    Even though the term “chosen” has come to mean special, superior, and apart,
    its intended meaning was as in, “chosen for service not for privilege”. An ancient joke among Jews is that if we are the “chosen” people, couldn’t God choose someone else for a while?’
    So equating Judaism with Naziism is to see it only in its most base fundamentalist terms, a version that exists nowhere in practice as far as I know. Even the ultra, ultra orthodox debate endlessly the meaning of various aspects of Jewish law. Their conclusions may be fucked up, but they arrive at them through a collaborative and democratic process which provides some safeguards against blind obedience.
    Whereas Judaism insists on thoughtful debate and analysis and even disagreements with God, other religions seem to demand blind obedience to text or institutions.

    I am an agnostic Jew. Agnostic rather than atheist, because even though I am not a believer, absolute positions are the business of religion and not of rational thought processes.
    I have a strong sentimental attachment to aspects of jewish culture and I fear that your over simplifications in the service of your atheist crusade (of which I mostly approve), are based on weak knowledge of the subject at hand. While well intentioned, they could contribute to the kind of hatred you want to oppose.

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      First P, I would like to challenge your definitions of “atheist” and “agnostic.” I covered that in a previous blog: http://www.dangeroustalk.net/?p=85

      Second, there are absolutely Jews who hold very dogmatic views of the Torah. But I do realize that most mainstream Jews (at least in the United States) no not follow with blind obedience. That is indeed something that separated Jews from Christians.

      Third, my equating of the Jews to the Nazis was only in that they both see each other as the “chosen” people of God. I am well aware that the similarities end there. As a Jew, I remember an occasion where I attended a temple service and started to actually pay attention to what was being said. I was surprised when the Rabbi talked about how Jews were the chosen people of God by blood. After the service, I talked to the Rabbi about this. I find this view very disturbing and while I don’t claim to be an expert on Judaism, I did attend 10 years of Hebrew school and asked a lot of questions of a few Rabbis. So I wouldn’t call my knowledge “weak” on the subject. But it is something that I found interesting. I am also bothered by the view that Jews are pressured to marry other Jews (I know I was and my family were pretty moderate). Most religions have the same sort of pressures, but I think with Jews it is particularly strong. I don’t want to say that it is because of our “chosen” blood, but that has crossed my mind.

      Even though I think that Jews as a religion see themselves as “God’s Chosen People” I am also aware that they don’t treat others with inferiority the way the Nazis did. In fact, Jews are usually the first group to defend the rights of others when they see discrimination. I think this is because of our cultural heritage rather than religious belief. Since we were persecuted by the Nazis and thrown into ovens, we car hyper-sensitive to the plight of other minorities who face discrimination. This to me is one of the most positive aspect of the Jewish culture and something I am glad that I have gotten drilled into me as a young boy.

  • http://www.myspace.com/misstea43 Miss Tea

    There is a mitzvah in Judaism that says God asked all the other ethinicities, “If you will keep my laws, I will make you my chosen people.” One by one they said, “Yes, we can keep all but this one, or that one. Well we still want to be able to murder, etc.” So they could not be chosen. Finally, he got to the Jews. There’s a punchline as to what they said in accepting but I forgot it.

    Anyway. The bible is not the word of God, much of it not even ‘inspired by’ God. Most educated Christians realize this and bear it in mind. Nor is it a historical account.

    Who really killed Jesus? Of course it was the Romans who were responsible. But in order to get the huge Roman population to convert, no one could very well expect them to convert to a religion in which they were responsible for killing God! So adjustments were made to put the responsibility on the Jews.

    If there were no bible would there be no anti-Semitism? No anti-homosexuality? No intolerance for different opinions? Why? These have been around from time immemorial. The bible provides a neat justification for people who want it. If it weren’t the Bible that was handy it would be something else. In our day, it would probably be some famous study, some famous authority.

    It’s naive to think you can keep removing the crutches and that will cure the illness.

  • satanswhisper

    If this Von Brunn guy has a political motivation, I for one do not understand what it is. We had under Bush, 8 years of the most Jew friendly, pro Israeli government in our country’s history but he waits until we have a black president before he acts out against the Jews. Either he doesn’t understand or care to admit how pro-Jewish his beloved Republicans are (white supremacists are of course, overwhelmingly Republican/right winger so I guess we can safely assume he is, too) or he’s just very confused. Maybe a little of both, mixed in with some senility, too.

  • Linda

    Blogger says…”Why would someone think that a Jewish person would have horns and a tail? Clearly the reasoning for this lies in the view that Jews are agents of the Devil and are Christ killers.”

    The question is a rhetorical one for me..who cares what ignorant people think?
    I do not waste one second of my day concerning myself what ignorant people think.
    To the Jews were committed the oracles of God.
    God chose them to give to the world the Bible and Jesus Christ. That is enough to tell even the most ignorant among us to have respect for what God did and how he did it.
    Most people have no idea what the Jews as a people have gone through because of their connection to God.
    I think Jews are hated not for because the are Christ killers which they are not, but because of jealousy.
    People who hate the Jews are in truth accusing God and placing themselves in danger.
    It has to do with God and not the Jews per se.
    Jesus Christ “died according to the scriptures.”

  • NoCrossNoCrescent

    Alternatively, maybe he knows his audience are ignorant and stupid and he is trying to boost his ratings when he says “tides go in, tides go out, therefore god”.

  • http://twitter.com/jeh704 Outwest

    What “values that most atheists hold” are you referring to? Atheism = non-belief in god(s). So, as atheists, we all agree on that. The rest is subjective. Or are you talking about humanism? I know theists that consider themseleves humanist.

    • http://skepticink.com/dangeroustalk Dangerous Talk

      I didn’t say “all atheists,” I said “most atheists” and then i mentioned secularism. But okay, I could add humanism to that too. Like I said, I hope O’Reilly does come out of the closet, but that doesn’t mean I would want him to speak at a local atheist event in my area. It doesn’t mean that I would suddenly buy his books either. It just means that he is someone who like me doesn’t believe in any deities. I 100% agree with you that atheism = lack of belief in deities. No one is arguing against that.

      • http://twitter.com/jeh704 Outwest

        Sorry. I read those as two different statements. What I was wondering is what you meant by “values” when it comes to most atheists (note I did quote part of your sentence where you said “most atheists”.) I should have been clearer.

  • Ronlawhouston

    O’Reilley is a cultural Christian. It’s a bit like having one foot in the secular camp and one foot in the Christian camp.

  • http://www.laughinginpurgatory.com/ Andrew Hall

    I think O’Reilly’s biggest concern is with his own brand — everything else is secondary.

  • Brian Stewart

    I’ve always thought that Bill O’Reilly was a troll. In fact, I have a strong feeling that Fox news is one big troll. It’s where the money is. They are knowingly strengthening the stupidity of the average “Mur’kin” which, ultimately makes the rich richer and turns complete control over to our Government. I also believe that many in our Government are also atheists who use religion in the same way. It’s a tool, plain and simple.

  • Thinka Roo

    Well said. Christians want atheists to be *silent*. That should ring alarm bells.