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    Fucking Church Bells!

    I was out at lunch today and while I was trying to order my food at a chicken restaurant that was not Chick-Fil-A, I heard the most annoying church bells ever. Do these fuckers really need to announce their presence to the world? We all know that 80% of Americans are Christians; do we need the fucking reminder? There are supposed to be noise ordinances for this type of thing except that for some reason, churches are exempt from them.

    Church bells are a brainwashing tool. Yeah, you heard me. The idea is to remind everyone that Christians control the country. This is a message to reinforce their dominance and to remind those who don’t generally think about religion of the indoctrination they likely received in their youth.

    I want to issue a noise complaint. These church bells are really, really, fucking loud and annoying. I want to make up my own religion and arbitrary pick a time to make a shit load of noise and call it a sacred right.

    The worst part is that these churches are on practically every street corner and are competing with each other to see who has the loudest and most annoying bells.

    Sorry for the rant. By the way, it was Popeyes. I know I would get a ton of comments asking.

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    • http://www.laughinginpurgatory.com/ Andrew Hall

      I think it would be really funny if atheist groups had tapes of Dawkins reading from The God Delusion blaring just before meetings.

    • http://twitter.com/humanbeing2 elaine kilshaw

      I took my dogs to the park for a pleasant relaxing Sunday afternoon, taking care not to pick up sticks, and complained about the bells,ding dong,ding donk, ding dong. I am offended by these bells as I do not believe weshould be subject to the noise just because the churches think they have the right.
      One woman said she liked them, of course she had a cross around her neck signifying a man being crusified, nice woman.