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Motivations Of A Mass Murderer

Sometimes I really hate to say, “I told you so.” This is one of those times. I am still seeing atheists posting comments about Aurora, Colorado shooter James Holmes claiming that he was a Christian. On Monday, I warned against this and not some evidence has come out that Holmes was not a Christian and considered himself an agnostic. In other words, he was an atheist.

I told you so, so stop blaming this on Christianity! There are plenty of real atrocities we can blame on religion, but this is not one of them. Holmes posted a profile on AdultFriendFinder and in that profile he listed himself as agnostic. He hasn’t been an active church member for some time now and he has been active in the sciences which any fundamentalist will tell you is a gateway to atheism (because reality is biased toward a lack of belief in gods).

With that said, despite what Rick Warren and others have to say, atheism had nothing to do with this either. No one yet knows what motivated Holmes to become a mass murderer. I am very curious about this, but I am pretty certain religion or lack of religion had nothing to do with it. We just need to wait and see what develops.

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