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Expanding a Love of Science to the Mainstream

We atheists think of celebrities, the names that come to mind are people like Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss, Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and other prominent scientists. To us, science is cool and scientists are awesome! Unfortunately, the mainstream doesn’t share our view and that is very unfortunate.

That being the case, I want to try a thought experiment. I saw this view on YouTube yesterday by melodysheep called “We Are Stardust.” The video is a synthesized song using the words of a few prominent scientists. To me honest, I thought they should have used more scientists or just stuck with one. But that’s another discussion:

I want people to pick one or two friends or family members who are not involved in the greater community of reason and who might not even be atheists. The friends in question have to be mainstream, not fundamentalists. Then, show them this video, get their reaction, and then report back.

I want to know if they have heard of any of the people featured in the video, what they thought of the song, the message of the song, and then maybe what they think of science in general. Were they inspired by the song or bored by it?

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