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A Memorial Day Tribute

Memorial Day is here and that means only one thing, the official start of Hollywood’s movie season! Oh wait, that has already started a few weeks ago. Never mind, I guess it means something else.

Over America’s 200 plus years, we as a nation have been called to service to defend our home and our freedoms. Many Americans have answered that call in various different ways. While more often than not, people think of our soldiers who have put themselves in harms way. Even soldiers who have fought in unjust wars deserve to be respected. But we should also realize that sometimes Americans don’t join up out of bravery, but instead out of am immoral desire to legally kill others. These are hopefully a minority of people and for those individuals; I have little to no respect. I am sure that most of our soldiers have joined the Armed Forces out of a sense of honor and a duty to protect freedom. Those are the soldiers who I choose to pay tribute to on this Memorial Day.

We should also remember on this Memorial Day that soldiers must continually question questionable orders. Those who have tortured or who have committed immoral acts should be held accountable as well as those who gave those orders. Soldiers are not and should not be unthinking killing machines. Those soldiers who stand up and fight against the injustices that they see on the battlefield should be honored even more because it takes more courage to fight the injustice of ones peers than the injustices of the enemy.

Americans today should also honor those who fight off the battlefield for the freedom and security of our way of life. There are many military analyses, translators, office personnel, Red Cross workers, doctors, etc. that are also fighting for freedom in less visible ways. These support personnel often get forgotten on Memorial Day and this year I think we should all remember them and honor them.

There are also those social activists who fight to keep our policymakers honest and who continually push for freedom and transparency in our government and military. While they are not dodging bullets, they do take a lot of heat for their efforts to protect the integrity of our nation and the rights of all Americans. But keeping America honest, they are also keeping America safe. This nations greatest weapon is not our large nuclear arsenal, nor is it our brave and well-trained soldiers. Our greatest weapon is our moral high-ground and the respect we hold within the community of nations. Our citizen soldiers are there for us fighting to maintain that weapon.

From soldier, to support personnel, to activist, all of these Americans fight in their own ways to keep America safe, free, and true to our values. In my view, we should honor our citizen soldiers as well as our brave military soldiers on this Memorial Day. Eternal vigilance is the price we must continually pay to remain free.

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  • colleen

    very reverent however American hasn’t fought a morally just war since 1943 and even then there were some immoral reasonsonings to enter and when we did enter we raped and pillaged just like anyone else. I guess what i am getting at is that we haven’t ever fought a war to “protect” our freedoms unless you count the revolutionary war. Every war since then has only succeeded in taking away rights and freedoms from the people and helping the rich get richer.

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      War is inherently immoral. Yet some wars still need to be fought. While our official reason for entering WWII may have been dishonest, the reason why we actually entered the war was not. While I am sure many soldiers did horrible things in WWII, it was still a necessary war which at the end of the day protected and preserved more freedom and lives than would be protected had we not fought that war. Back then, America had the reputation of being the “sleeping giant.” We did not like to fight wars, but if we had to, we would go in guns a blazing. I would like that reputation back.

  • SamStaurophobia

    I wouldn’t be a soldier until this nation is entirely secularized.

    I will not fight for a country that has God on its money and in its Pledge.

    Hell, I won’t fight for one that even has a Pledge, because pledging unyielding servitude is not right.

  • http://myspace.com/blackhawk089 Matt

    Transparency….is this feat even accomplishable? Truly?