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The Real Reason for Season

Christians are always claiming that Jesus is the reason for the season and many fundamentalists have started “Keep Christ in Christmas” campaigns. Yet it has been pretty well established as common knowledge now that Christians stole Christmas from the pagans.

The fact is that Christmas doesn’t belong to Christians. It doesn’t even belong to the pagans. While the pagans celebrated the Winter Solstice, that really isn’t the reason for the season either. It is just the excuse.

The reason for the season is obvious. It is fucking cold outside, trees look like they are dying, it gets dark earlier, and people get seasonal depression. People need to be cheered up and the best way to do that is to celebrate with family and friends.

The evergreen tree is a symbol of life because it is the one tree that is still green during this time of year. So we decorate that tree. We give presents to people because that makes people happy in this depressing time of year.

In this cold, dark, and dreary season, it is our humanity that keeps us warm. The spirit of good will toward each other warms our hearts better than any magical births of deities.

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