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Tea Party Stupidity Infecting Democrats

Awhile back, I met a Democratic Party candidate running for a local county office. I have met this candidate several times since I am active within the county party. But not long ago, my friend learned that this candidate rejects the science of evolution in favor of Creationism.

It is one thing for the wacky Teabaggers to reject solid science in favor of Biblical bullshit, but when this crap infects Democratic candidates… well my tent just isn’t that big. I can’t abide this type of religious bullshit.

When I first heard about this, I asked the candidate on facebook if he indeed rejected the solid science of evolution in favor of young Earth Creationism. I of course asked that in a more polite manner since I actually wanted to get an answer from him. He dodged the question so I pushed him on it a little bit more. He again dodged the issue. So I let it go. Now months have gone by and so I asked him again. He immediately unfriended me and threatened to report me to facebook for “harassment” if I contacted him again. I found out this morning that despite not contacting him again, he still reported me to facebook and I had trouble logging as a result.

I didn’t realize that asking a candidate about his position on an important issue was considered harassment. I was pretty polite every time I talked to him. My tone was not combative at all. I wonder who he will threaten to report me to if I called his campaign office or confronted him at a party function. I really think we need to start holding candidates (all candidates) accountable for their religious rhetoric and in some cases, extreme religious beliefs.

To anyone in Delaware County, PA please be aware that Keith Collins who is running for County Council is anti-science and apparently anti-questions about his views on the subject. I won’t tell you who you should or shouldn’t vote for, but I think everyone should be aware of his extreme beliefs before voting.

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