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The Diversity of Humanity: Why Aren’t We All Clones?

In the western religious traditions, it is believed that we are not only children of the same God of Abraham, but that we were created in His image. However, people come in many shapes, sizes, and colors so questions arise. If we are all created in the image of God, what does God look like? Why is there such wondrous variety within the human species?  Why wouldn’t we all be clones of each other?

The very fact that there are fat people, thin people, short people, tall people, people with differing skin colors and hair colors seems much more consistent with evolution than it does with the view that God created everyone in his own image. What color hair does God have anyway?

This may seem like just a minor thing, but it really does show the ridiculousness of the Creationist claim. If God created everyone in his own image by a specific design, then we would all be the same. One could argue that animals might be different only in so far as they aren’t in the image of God. But even this claim would be pointless. If God made animals for us to have dominion over, then why would he have made them different from each other? Why aren’t all rabbits the same? What purpose does it serve to have black bunnies, brown bunnies, white bunnies, and spotted bunnies?

The more probable explanation would be that evolution is true and Creationism is not. Now of course this seems obvious to atheists, but there are Creationists out there and I think these are good questions to bring to their attention.

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