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The Pledge Project

There are a lot of Republican presidential candidates out there and the Republican base has been really into coming up with wacky pledges for them to sign. For example in one pledge, candidates had to agree to restrict porn. Lately there is that pledge that is anti-gay marriage too (it might even be the same pledge, I’m not sure). Why should the religious have all the fun?

So with that in mind, tomorrow I am going to introduce a pledge that I want all the Republican candidates to sign. Okay, I don’t really want them to sign it. I really want them NOT to sign it. But what I really, really, really want is clarification and accountability. I want them to put their yes or no on this issue so that we are all clear just how wacky they are.

There is a problem however. I don’t know any of the candidates personally. I can’t seem to find their personal cell numbers in my phone. So I need my Dangerous Talker army to help me get tomorrow’s message out. We need to get the media to talk about this so that the religious will see it and get divinely inspired by it. So tomorrow after I post my pledge, I am counting on you to help me to get it out there. I’ll need you to Tweet it, Google Plus it, Facebook it, YouTube a video about it, Reddit, Digg it, send it to your media contacts, friends and family (especially if they are religious). Let’s get these politicians on the record for all to see and some to laugh. Can I count on you?

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