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A Funny Thing Happened At The Republican Debate

A few days ago, seven Republican candidates debated in New Hampshire (You know, the state where the first shots of the Revolution were fired and Paul Revere had his famous ride to warn the British). While I was only able to catch the middle of the debate, I saw a few clips and read a bunch of articles to catch me up on any interesting parts that I missed. But the most interesting aspect of the debate I actually saw live and was surprised that no one else really talked about it.

A few times during the debate the subject of religion came up. While I was really hoping it would come up more just for shits and giggles, I was actually quite surprised one of the candidates actually defended the Separation of Church and State. Sorry all you Libertarians, but it wasn’t Ron Paul (who actually said that the concept wasn’t in the Constitution, but that the Constitution does “literally” warn against Theocracy). Believe it or not the defender of Separation of Church and State that I am talking about was Rick Santorum!

As soon as I heard it, I tweeted about it because it shocked me so much. Mr. Super Religious Right, gay sex is the same as man on dog sex, Rick Santorum actually defend the Separation of Church and State. Romney also defended religious multiculturalism. Here is what Santorum said on the subject:

“I think the key to the success of this country, how we all live together, because we are a very diverse country – Madison called it the perfect remedy – which was to allow everybody, people of faith and no faith, to come in and make their claims in the public square, to be heard, have those arguments, and not to say because you’re not a person of faith, you need to stay out, because you have strong faith conviction¬s, your opinion is invalid. Just the opposite – we get along because we know that we – all of our ideas are allowed in and tolerated. That’s what makes America work.”

Now to be fair to the “frothy mix of lube and fecal matter,” I think old Ricky was trying to argue in favor of allowing fundamental Christianity into the government. But as the idiot that he is, he couldn’t even do that right. The problem is that most fundamentalists (Santorum included) want to only allow Judeo-Christian opinions into the public square and that comes off as a government endorsement of the belief system. In fact, that is their whole point.

You know the Republican candidates are all crazy when Santorum is the sensible one in the debate on the subject of religion.

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