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Christian Math

Mathematics is one of those things that is not open to interpretation. It doesn’t matter who counting the numbers, they should always add up the same. But there are a few instances within Christianity in which the divinely perfect numbers just don’t add up.

The first an obvious mathematical equation that doesn’t add up is not really Bible based, but most Christians today accept it as Christian doctrine. That of course is the Holy Trinity. This is where 1 + 1 + 1 = 1 (God Head + Jesus + Holy Ghost = God). Of course Christians have all sorts of rationalizations about this including the idea that these are three different states of the same form. The problem with this line of thinking is that the Bible seems to disagree. Jesus is often found to be ignorant of the mind of God just as much as everyone else. If he was simply another form of God, he would not have that ignorance problem and would not need to ask God questions like, “Why has thou forsaken me?”

This brings us to Jesus himself who is 100% human and 100% God and yet still manages to equal only 100%. It seems that fractions aren’t Christianity’s strong suit.

The final example of flawed Christian math for today is in 1Kings 7:23-26. In this passage the Bible claims that the PI is 3.00 and not 3.14etc. This is something that even people living in other parts of the world knew at that time. There really is no excuse for why God didn’t know this except maybe that the first book of Kings wasn’t written by God but rather by a really uninformed human being with no divine inspiration or input.

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