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Election Day!?!

Believe it or not, today is Election Day.  It is probably the most important election that most Americans probably never heard about. Today is the day in which the Republicans elect their champion to fix their Bush stained reputation and attempt to maybe keep some measure of relevance in the years to come. In other words, the civil war within the Republican Party comes to a head today. While there are three very distinct factions within the Republican Party (Imperialists, The greedy money grubbers, and the Religious Right) there are six somewhat odd candidates for the Chair of the Republican National Committee.

So here they are in no particular order:

Michael Steele of Maryland is a typical Republican on most issues except Affirmative Action which he actually supports. One thing which does separate him from other Republicans is of course that he is Black. So some of the Republican old guard may not think he is human.

Ken Blackwell of Ohio is also showing trying to prove that a black man can be a Republican too. And to prove it, Blackwell went on a bit of a crusade against Gay Marriage and even Civil Unions and Gay Benefits in the State of Ohio.

Katon Dawson isn’t black, but he is known in South Carolina as the Republican who has been able to reach out to… black people (okay, I cleaned that up a little but you get the point).

Chip Saltsman of Tennessee is bucking this African-American friendly group of candidates by once distributing a CD of 41 songs to his fellow Republicans one of which was entitled, “Barack the Magic Negro.” Well isn’t that delightful. He also worked closel with Mike Fuckabee… I mean Huckabee on his fortunately failed presidential run. Chip is a chip off the old Religious Right block all right.

Saul Anuzis of Michigan doesn’t look too bad. He’s a union man who is representing the fiscal conservative wing of the Party. I’m sure he would be a Libertarian if only he liked Ron Paul even a little. Anuzis was the guy who got Conspiracy Ron knocked out of the primary debates. He’s also still a Boy Scout, but that doesn’t mean that he’s a closeted gay.

Gary Emineth of North Dakota is…well, he’s from North Dakota! I got nothing.

This is going to the be biggest election you never heard about. Personally, I think I’m pulling for Saul Anuzis, but then again, I do think they all suck so I guess I’ll just stay home.

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