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Stem Cell Boobies

Last week, while on my vacation I heard about something which must make the Religious Right go even more insane then they are already. I heard about the latest technique in women’s breast augmentation… using Stem Cells!

During the Bush administration the Religious Right pushed to limit Stem Cell Research. Their view on this was two fold. First, embryonic stem cell research is worse than abortion. Second, it is a slippery slop to playing God. I guess they didn’t realize that Stem Cells could also be used for breast implants. If they had, they would have had a third objection.

Basically, cosmetic surgeons can liposuction some fat out of a woman’s ass, thigh, or other body part (surprisingly not the brain) and using their own stem cells, can move that fat into the breasts. While these are adult stem cells rather than embryonic, I am sure the Religious Right will still be mental about it.

I should point out that studies have been done that show that women who get breast implants do it because they believe that guys want them to have bigger breasts. Those same studies show that guys don’t request and don’t really care if women have larger breasts. It is basically a self-image issue.

Still, there is nothing wrong with getting cosmetic implants (for women or men). If these implants are safer, then I am all for them. That being said, I don’t think women should feel the need to have them unless it is what they want.

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