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God Reached out to Man

Christians have an answer for everything. If you ask a fundamentalist Christian why they believe their religion as opposed to some other religion, they have a standard dogmatic response. They will tell you that all other religions tell you how to reach God, but in Christianity, God reached out to man in the form of Jesus Christ.

This answer of course doesn’t make much sense. It simply is a difference in doctrine and I am not even certain that it is an accurate difference. But it does seem odd that we can look at a map of the world, pick a country, and guess with reasonable accuracy what someone from that country’s religious beliefs are based merely on their geography. Obviously, there is a correlation between religions and geography. This is obviously because the various Gods have marked their territories, lol. Seriously, it is probably because religion is a product of culture and indoctrination. Sure there will be people who go against the culture or who are influenced by someone else’s culture, but for the most part the correlation holds.

Most religions are based around magical thinking in some way. Religious people hate when their beliefs are described as magical, but they tend to have no problem describing other religions as magical despite the similarities to their own. It is precisely because of these similarities that Christians have to find something to distinguish their beliefs from that of other beliefs.

This is why they came up with the idea that other religions seek God but in Christianity, God seeks man. This distinction is purely arbitrary. They could have just as easily said that other religions claim that God is a singular entity, but Christianity preaches God as a trinity. The point is that it really is an arbitrary doctrinal difference. They might as well be saying that other religions don’t view Jesus as God.

The fact is that any religion can find some kind of doctrinal difference to separate themselves from other religions. What gives the one doctrinal difference that Christians have carved out any more validity than the doctrinal differences that other religious people use to justify their religion?

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