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NASA’s Climate Change evidence page
NOAA: Past Decade Warmest on Record According to Scientists in 48 Countries
"How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic: Responses to the most common skeptical arguments on global warming"
New Scientist - "50 reasons why global warming isn't natural" by Michael Le Page
Real Climate Start Page
Skeptical Science
Skeptical Science - Global Warming & Climate Change Myths

"Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature" (97.1% of 4000 climate science papers in 20 years accept AGW, 0.7% doubt it.)

Debunking Monckton:

Lecture - John Abraham debunks Lord Monckton climate denialist

The Guardian - "Climate sceptic Lord Monckton told he's not member of House of Lords" by Leo Hickman
Monckton threatens to sue ABC, calls chairman a ‘shrimp’ by Graham Readfearn (suing for lying because they broadcast recordings of embarrassing things he actually said)
"Monckton responds to Peter Hadfield aka “potholer54? – plus Hadfield’s response"

Chris Mooney and Dr. Ben Santer on Communicating Climate Change:

Eugenie Scott at TAM 9:

The following video is of scientist and renowned historian Naomi Oreskes as she describes her investigation into the reasons for such widespread mistrust and misunderstanding of scientific consensus and probes the history of organized campaigns designed to create public doubt and confusion about science.
Series: "Perspectives on Ocean Science" [12/2007]

Dan Kahan: Cultural Dissensus Over Scientific Consensus | CFI Leadership Conference 2011:

"Eight Pseudoscientific Climate Claims Debunked by Real Scientists" by Joshua Holland
"Why is the IPCC AR5 so much more confident in human-caused global warming?"
The Guardian - "Global warming deniers are foolish to put their faith in God"
"Adding to the Consensus on Global Warming" by Steven Novella
Study - "Expert credibility in climate change" by William R. L. Anderegga, James W. Prallb, Jacob Haroldc, and Stephen H. Schneidera
A short description of common denialist tactics framed around a discussion of Global Warming Denial
"Myths by global warming deniers confronted" By Peter Sinclair
Scientific American - "Seven Answers to Climate Contrarian Nonsense" By John Rennie
"New study clinches it: the Earth is warming up" by Phil Plait
"Debating Climate Change" by Dr. Kirsten Sanford
"George Will’s Crack Fact-Checkers Continue Their Nap" by Carl Zimmer
"Chill Out — An economic triage for global climate change" by Michael Shermer
"Freakonomics Guys Flunk Science of Climate Change: Eric Pooley" by Eric Pooley
"AP IMPACT: Statisticians reject global cooling" By SETH BORENSTEIN
Union of Concerned Scientists - New Book "SuperFreakonomics" Mischaracterizes Climate Science
Science Daily - "Global Warming Cycles Threaten Endangered Primate Species"
Science Daily - "Fossil Fuel Carbon Dioxide Emissions Up by 29 Percent Since 2000"
Associated Press on Climate Science
"See the Best Photographic Evidence of Climate Change Ever Put to Tape" By Brian Merchant
"More Evidence Shows Sun Not to Blame for Global Warming" by Michael Graham Richard
"The World's Most Cited Climate Change Denier: The World's Leading Climate Scientist?" By Brian Merchant
"The Ecological Consequences of Vampirism" by Isla Myers-Smith
The Guardian - "This professor of denial can't even answer his own questions on climate change" by George Monbiot
"EPA: Greenhouse Gases Are Danger To Human Health"
'Monster' iceberg shedding hundreds of offshoots
"Who are the climate change skeptics?" by Jim Lippard
Factcheck.org - "Whoppers of 2009: We review the choicest falsehoods from a year that kept us busy." by Lori Robertson, Brooks Jackson and Jess Henig
"The Climate Killers: Meet the 17 polluters and deniers who are derailing efforts to curb global warming" by TIM DICKINSON
"Meteorologists as Climate Change Deniers?" By Benjamin Radford
"Addressing “Global Cooling” by Zachary Shahan
"Deniers abuse power to attack climate scientists” by Phil Plait
"Why do libertarians deny climate change?" by Massimo Pigliucci,
Point of Inquiry podcast - "Naomi Oreskes - Merchants of Doubt"
"EPA: Greenhouse Gases Are Danger To Human Health" by "EPA: Greenhouse Gases Are Danger To Human Health"
"Climate Science on Trial” by Derek C. Araujo
"How many climate scientists are climate skeptics?"
Science Daily - "Scientific Expertise Lacking Among 'Doubters' of Climate Change, Says New Analysis"
"6 global warming skeptics who changed their minds"
Science Daily - "Termites Foretell Climate Change in Africa's Savannas"
"Another climate scientist responds to Rep. Joe Barton’s false claims" by Phil Plait
"Climategate 2… well, we might actually be at a higher number by now"
"Global Warming Skeptic Changes His Tune — by Doing the Science Himself" by Donald Prothero
"The Conspiracy Meme" by Ted Goertzel
"Global Warming and Statistical Artifacts" by Steven Novella
"Climate Change: Public Skeptical, Scientists Sure" by Richard Harris
"As arctic ice shrinks, so does a denier claim" by Phil Plait
The Guardian - "Climate sceptic Willie Soon received $1m from oil companies, papers show" by John Vidal
"Greenpeace Confirms ExxonMobil Funded Climate Deniers, But Change May Be Coming"
"A Consilience of Observations" by Donald Prothero
"Climate sceptic science: read with caution" by Stephan Lewandowsky
Science Daily - "Cooling the Warming Debate: Major New Analysis Confirms That Global Warming Is Real"
Why Hard Core Climate “Skeptics” Don’t Change Their Minds by Chris Mooney
"Global Warming Know-It-Alls Write More BS In The Wall Street Journal"
"Study Shows Bill Nye Was Right About CNN's Climate Coverage"
"The Climate Change Denial Machine Is Going Up to 11" By Phil Plait
"Don’t believe the latest lie: There is no “pause” in global warming" by Gaius Publius
"Here's Carl Sagan's original essay on the dangers of climate change"

97% Consensus:
Quartz - "Those 3% of scientific papers that deny climate change? A review found them all flawed" by Katherine Ellen Foley

COP 15:
"COP15: Climate 'scepticism' and questions about sex" by Richard Black
Senator Kerry to Climate Change Denialists: "Prove us wrong or stand down" by Nick Sundt


"Debunking the Oregon Petition Project" By Michael Ashcroft
"Infamous Oregon Global Warming Petition Alive and Well" By Kevin Grandia
Wikipedia - "Criticism to the Oregon Petition"
"Say it ain't so, Randi!" by PZ Myers

This is a common tactic employed by every denialist group.
There are numerous problems with this approach:
-Appeal to Authority - The truth is not a democracy, nor a popularity contest
-Apeal to False Authority - Often these lists contain names of those who only superficially seem to be qualified experts in a related field when they're not qualified
-Length of the list - Often the numbers of signitaries on the lists superficially seems high when in comparison to all qualified experts in the world, equals well under 1%
"1,000 architects and engineers call for new 9/11 investigation"
700 “Scientists” Doubt Evolution
National Center for Science Education's Project Steve

1975 Newsweek "Global Cooling" Cover Story:
"Climate Change Mea Non Culpa" By Peter Gwynne

Global Warming - ClimateGate:

SWIFTHACK (clearing house website for debunking this controversy)

Articles particularly addressing the Climate Research Unit email hack non-story:
Newspapers Retract 'Climategate' Claims, but Damage Still Done
"The Manufactured Doubt Industry and the Hacked Email Controversy" by Jeff Masters
Nature - "Climatologists under pressure"
"The CRU hack"
"The CRU hack: Context"
"U.K. Panel Calls Climate Data Valid"
"Climate scientist Phil Jones exonerated"
"Michael Mann updates the world on the latest climate science and responds to the illegally hacked emails"
"What do the hacked CRU emails tell us?" by John Cook
"The hacked climate science email scandal that wasn't" by James Hrynyshyn
"Those CRU emails in full" by William M. Connolley
Why “ClimateGate” Ain’t Nothing by Chris Mooney
The “ClimateGate” Burden of Proof by Chris Mooney
"Stolen emails, climate change, and the practice of science" by Josh Rosenau
The "vindication of all kooks" corollary to the principle of crank magnetism by Orac
"The global warming emails non-event" by Phil Plait
"Sarah Palin’s zombie charm..."
"The Climategate Fiasco" by Steven Novella
“ClimateGate” Continues to Expose Anti-Science Tendencies on the Right Wing by Chris Mooney
Why climatologists used the tree-ring data ‘trick’ by PZ Myers
"Climategate or Deniergate?"
Palin: America does not need ‘this snake oil science stuff’ By Stephen C. Webster
The Other “Skeptics”
New Scientist - "The climate scandal that never was" by Chris Mooney
After the barrage of hate they generated, will the 'Climategate' accusers cop to their hoax and apologize? By David Neiwert
"Michael Mann Cleared Again" By Jon Winsor

Point of Inquiry podcast - "Michael Mann - Unprecedented Attacks on Climate Research"
Point of Inquiry podcast - "Eli Kintisch - Is Planet-Hacking Inevitable?"

Climategate 2:
"Climategate 2: More ado about nothing. Again."

Other videos addressing Global Warming:

Also see YouTube user greenman3610 for more challenges to Global Warming denialist claims.
Also check out the blog, RealClimate

David Mitchell's Soap Box: Climate change

Climate Change - Tipping Point, Skeptics, & Adaptation (The Point):

Leo DiCaprio: 'The Argument Is Over. Climate Change Is Happening Now' By Leila Conners

Supermodels Take It Off For Climate Change:

Also for information about other grand conspiracy theories, click here.

"Climate Change Deniers Vs. The Scientific Consensus"
"Climate Change"

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